Protecting Your Home Care Business against the Impact of Inflation

Gas prices, labor costs, supply chain disruptions, the impact of inflation. Not only is the average consumer experiencing these challenges, businesses are too.

According to a recent survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one in three (33%) small business owners now rank inflation as their highest concern. And in response to those concerns, 67% of small business

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Who is Responsible for Vehicle Damage?

Common Vehicle Claims and Understanding Auto Coverage for Home Care Businesses

As a home care business owner whose employees drive on the business’s behalf, vehicle incidents can be complex. Depending on which vehicle was being driven, which vehicle was damaged and if anyone was injured, your business insurance, the caregiver’s personal auto insurance or the client’s personal auto insurance may be responsible for

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Common Home Care Business Claim Examples

There are numerous common claim risks home care businesses face. From accusations of theft against caregivers to workers’ compensation injuries, claims against home care businesses can vary greatly in severity and damage.

Read on to learn 4 common home care business claims and how you can protect your business against them.

Common Home Care Business Claims – Auto Liability

As a home care franchise owner

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Workplace Injuries and their Impact on Mental Health

Being a home care worker can be physically and emotionally demanding. Compared to other industries, occupational injury risk is high, and the hazards are unique.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that personal care and home health aides are 62% more likely to suffer overexertion injuries than the typical worker. That’s why workers’ compensation for your business

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Common Caregiver Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Home care providers can have high risk of insurance claims compared to other industries, especially related to employee injury.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Personal care and home health aides are 62% more likely to suffer overexertion injuries than the typical worker.
  • Home health aides and home nursing assistants face 5x to 7x the risk of injury from violence on
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A Brief History of Insurance

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a very old saying and, in many ways, it’s still the basis for the modern insurance that helps protect your business. Insurance began with people seeking to control the dangers they faced by spreading out the risk among larger groups of people and making agreements to help one another in the case of

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Preventing Employment Claims through Hiring and Firing Tips

Business cycles come and go. All the same, companies must make important decisions about hiring and firing without putting themselves at excess risk and preventing employment claims.

As a home care business, your company’s employment practices can be a source of risk. Every day, workers file lawsuits against their employers, with many employment claims targeting smaller businesses in the industry.

By taking the right

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5 Times Professional Liability Insurance Can Save You

Professional Liability insurance is coverage meant to protect your business from a client’s claims of negligence and failure to perform professional duties as required. This is must-have coverage in an industry where mistakes can be costly for clients and home care businesses.

There are many situations your business and employees may find yourselves in where a professional liability claim could be filed. Here

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Reducing the Risk of Client Medication Management Errors

Any medication can be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. Ensuring the best management of a home care client’s medication needs is important, for client health and safety as well as the best interests of home care businesses.

Medication and dosage errors are a common allegation when it comes to claims and lawsuits filed against home care businesses. Without the right safety procedures in

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Home Care Home Safety Checklist

To a client, the home is a place of welcoming comfort and safety. But for home care employees, entering a client’s home will always entail some level of risk. From trip hazards to missing safety devices or employee inattention, there are many opportunities for a claim to arise.

To minimize the risk to employees and clients, it’s important for care workers to make

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