Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls for Caregivers and Clients

Slips, trips, and falls are among the most prevalent injuries in the home healthcare setting, putting caregivers, clients and their family members at danger. Most of these mishaps, however, can be avoided with adequate awareness and safety practices.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls for Caregivers

Caregivers have a higher risk of injury than other professions, and slips and falls can increase

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Bed Bugs, Burn Marks and 15 Other Unusual Home Care Claims

There are many claims that fall outside the norm. From allegations of stealing credit cards to spreading lice to damaging heirloom furniture, when it comes to home care business claims, anything can happen.

If these claims seem far-fetched, consider these 15 unusual claims from real home care businesses.

15 Unusual Home Care Claims


  1. Caregiver experienced a bed bug infestation after working for a client.

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Who is Responsible for Vehicle Damage?

Common Vehicle Claims and Understanding Auto Coverage for Home Care Businesses

As a home care business owner whose employees drive on the business’s behalf, vehicle incidents can be complex. Depending on which vehicle was being driven, which vehicle was damaged and if anyone was injured, your business insurance, the caregiver’s personal auto insurance or the client’s personal auto insurance may be responsible for

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Common Home Care Business Claim Examples

There are numerous common claim risks home care businesses face. From accusations of theft against caregivers to workers’ compensation injuries, claims against home care businesses can vary greatly in severity and damage.

Read on to learn 4 common home care business claims and how you can protect your business against them.

Common Home Care Business Claims – Auto Liability

As a home care franchise owner

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Preventing Employment Claims through Hiring and Firing Tips

Business cycles come and go. All the same, companies must make important decisions about hiring and firing without putting themselves at excess risk and preventing employment claims.

As a home care business, your company’s employment practices can be a source of risk. Every day, workers file lawsuits against their employers, with many employment claims targeting smaller businesses in the industry.

By taking the right

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Common EPLI Claims and How to Prevent Them

It’s important for employers to know how to protect themselves from a lawsuit brought by a current or former employee. Employment Practices Liability Insurance claims, also known as EPLI claims, are increasingly common in several industries, including home care.

EPLI coverage can protect your organization in the event of a claim, but many common EPLI claims can be prevented with proactive steps. Here

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