There are numerous common claim risks home care businesses face. From accusations of theft against caregivers to workers’ compensation injuries, claims against home care businesses can vary greatly in severity and damage.

Read on to learn 4 common home care business claims and how you can protect your business against them.

Common Home Care Business Claims – Auto Liability

As a home care franchise owner whose employees drive on the business’s behalf, you may need Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability (HNOA) coverage. From minor fender benders to serious injuries, there is always a risk of a vehicle accident. Things get more complicated depending on which vehicle the caregiver is driving – a company vehicle, their own vehicle or the client’s. This flyer can help explain how insurance coverage applies to difference scenarios.

Real claim example: A caregiver was driving their vehicle to take a client on an errand. The caregiver ran a red light, hitting multiple vehicles. The caregiver and client were both uninjured, but the vehicle was totaled.

Preventing similar auto claims: Create a safe driving program for your business. Require driver agreements, conduct screening and record checks, implement driving training and prohibit the use of electronics while driving clients.

Common Home Care Business Claims – Workers’ Compensation

Home healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to injury because bodies are not built to manually lift heavy objects or people on a regular basis. The force of lifting heavy objects can injure discs, muscles, joints and tendons. Proper workers’ compensation coverage is essential to help cover lost wages and medical costs if an employee is injured on the job.

Real claim example: A caregiver tried to help catch a patient, straining their hamstring in the process. The caregiver completed several sessions of physical therapy, but the pain and bruising persisted, so they requested additional sessions to help expedite their return to full activity. All in all, the claim cost more than $4,000.

Preventing similar workers’ compensation claims: Complete our recent online course, Keeping Caregivers Safe at Work. This free course offers statistics outlining the extent of injuries caregivers face at work, industry techniques to protect against workplace injuries, tips on what to do if an injury occurs and more.

Common Home Care Business Claims – General Liability and Professional Liability

In the home care environment, employees may face accusations of damaging a client’s property despite their best efforts, such as knocking over a prized heirloom or causing damage to the home itself. Taking care and being aware of the clients’ home can help, but incidents do occur. General liability coverage helps protect your organization from these accusations of property damage.

Real claim example: In the midst of their duties, a caregiver forgot to turn off the kitchen sink, which overflowed, damaging the client’s unit and four others. The claim cost $3,700.

Preventing similar general liability and professional liability claims: Encourage your caregivers to implement this safety checklist at every client’s home. Read up on ways to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Common Home Care Business Claims – Theft

Clients and their families welcome caregivers into their home with an expectation of honesty. Hiring and background screening can reduce risk of an employee being accused of theft, but not eliminate it. Theft coverage can help protect your organization from client allegations of theft, burglary or robbery by a caregiver employee.

Real claim example: A caregiver stole a client’s credit card and several pieces of jewelry. Between the charges on the credit card and the value of the jewelry, almost $11,000 was stolen.

Preventing similar theft claims: Develop a screening and hiring system to weed out unsuitable job applicants on paper first. Plan ahead for candidate interviews and use the interview to evaluate potential hires, explain details about the opportunity and answer questions. Provide frequent training for caregivers and share zero-tolerance policies for theft.

Protection Against Common Home Care Business Claims

These are just four of the common home care business claims in the home care environment. Even with the best training and procedures, mistakes can be made. Make sure your organization is fully protected with all the insurance coverage you need from Lockton Affinity Home Care.