There are many claims that fall outside the norm. From allegations of stealing credit cards to spreading lice to damaging heirloom furniture, when it comes to home care business claims, anything can happen.

If these claims seem far-fetched, consider these 15 unusual claims from real home care businesses.

15 Unusual Home Care Claims


  1. Caregiver experienced a bed bug infestation after working for a client.

Claim cost: $1,500

  1. A client alleged a bed bug infestation after caregiver was in their home.

Claim cost: $2,300

Business interruption

  1. A snowstorm caused a home care business to close for a week.

Claim cost: $12,000

  1. A nearby lightning strike damaged office equipment, including computers and a printer.

Claim costs: $1,300

  1. A severe storm caused the front door of a home care business to blow off its hinges, allowing water to get in and flood the office.

Claim cost $25,000


  1. A former caregiver attacked and robbed a client.

Claim cost: $500,000

  1. Caregiver wrote and cashed checks from a patient’s checkbook.

Claim cost: $6,000

  1. A caregiver was accused of stealing a client’s jewelry and medication.

Claim cost: $150,000

  1. Two printers were stolen from a home care business office.

Claim cost: $2,300

  1. Over time, a caregiver claimed inaccurate hours and was paid for unworked hours.

Claim cost: $100,000

Property damage

  1. Caregiver drove the patient’s van into the patient’s home.

Claim cost: $10,000

  1. Caregiver vacuumed up a client’s hearing aid.

Claim cost: $1,000

  1. Patient alleged a caregiver spilled nail polish remover on their dining room table leaving a stain.

Claim cost: $300

  1. While a caregiver was cooking, a pan exploded and landed on the floor, leaving burn marks.

Claim cost: $1,200

  1. Patient alleges a caregiver damaged a piece of their artwork.

Claim cost: $2,700


Preparing for Unusual Home Care Claims

At Lockton Affinity Home Care, we know anything can happen in your business’s daily duties.

That’s why we offer insurance policies to protect your professional reputation, property, financial security and more. So, when you have a caregiver accused of spreading lice or staining carpets or causing a car to explode, you’ll have the right protection.

Contact one of Lockton Affinity Home Care’s dedicated insurance representatives at (800) 723-9624 or to discuss your business’s risks and which policies you may need to be fully protected.