Who is Responsible for Vehicle Damage?

Common Vehicle Claims and Understanding Auto Coverage for Home Care Businesses As a home care business owner whose employees drive on the business’s behalf, vehicle incidents can be complex. Depending on which vehicle was being driven, which vehicle was damaged and if anyone was injured, your business insurance, the caregiver’s personal auto insurance or the client’s personal auto insurance may [...]

Your Coverage Needs: Home Care Insurance Package Overview

Your home care business faces many risks that usually require different policies to protect against claims. With Lockton Home Care, you can rest easy knowing your coverage needs are met with one comprehensive, affordable solution. Below is an overview of the Lockton Home Care Insurance Package, designed specifically for your home care business needs and the risks you face. Insurance [...]

Creating a Safe Driving Program for Your Company Vehicles and Drivers

Clients depend on your caregiver employees for many of their daily transportation needs. They also depend on the safety of employee drivers. Creating a safe driving program will benefit your employees, your organization and your clients. Creating a safe driving program for your company vehicles and drivers can reduce workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims, protect the organization's property and [...]

Protect your Business with Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Insurance

It's important to have the right Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Insurance for your business if employees will be traveling with or on behalf of clients. That's because the coverage that applies in an accident will depend on who's driving and whose vehicle is being used. Lockton Affinity offers Hired and Non-owned Automobile Liability (HNOA) insurance to help you protect [...]

Transportation Safety Checklist

Do you do these things when transporting your clients? Client’s seatbelt is secured properly Your seatbelt is secured properly ­Shoulder belt is not placed behind the client’s back or under the arm ­Client is secured in back seat where appropriate ­Driving distractions have been eliminated (such as cell phones) ­Vehicle walk-around inspection completed ­Vehicle engine, steering, lights, etc. are working [...]

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