Your home care business faces many risks that usually require different policies to protect against claims. With Lockton Home Care, you can rest easy knowing your coverage needs are met with one comprehensive, affordable solution.

Below is an overview of the Lockton Home Care Insurance Package, designed specifically for your home care business needs and the risks you face.

Insurance Package Overview

The Lockton Home Care Insurance Package simplifies the challenge of buying insurance for your home care business by combining the policies you need into a package.

Often, buying the coverage you need one by one can be costly, confusing and risky. Other policy offerings may have coverage you don’t need and lack ones you do. Multiple separate policies may have overlapping coverage, meaning you’re paying for the same protection twice, or they may have gaps, meaning your business is exposed to excess risk.

But with Lockton Home Care, you have access to the coverage you need at a great price. With nearly 20 years of experience in the home care industry, we understand your business, your needs and the risks you face.

Our Home Care Insurance Program package includes five key coverages specifically developed to protect home care providers like you.

General Liability + Professional Liability

Liability insurance exists to protect you from the risk of someone being injured or their property being damaged, and you being found legally responsible for the cost of their medical or legal bills. Since home care businesses face a broad range of risks, Lockton Home Care developed special General Liability + Professional Liability coverage just for you.

The General Liability portion covers you from common business risks, including allegations by a third party of bodily or physical injury or damage to their property, while Professional Liability covers you from common claims for the care and services you provide, including claims of negligence or failure to perform professional duties.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA)

Hired and Non-Owned Auto is coverage to protect your business when employees are traveling with or on behalf of clients. Whether your workers are taking clients on trips to doctor appointments, the pharmacy, the supermarket, running errands or going on outings, it’s all in a days’ work for many home care employees. But most car insurance policies aren’t designed to cover these risks.

Our Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) coverage helps your home care business manage the risk posed by coverage limits and gaps of the auto insurance policies carried by your employees and clients.

HNOA covers bodily injury and property damage that might occur when an employee drives a company-owned vehicle or transports a client to an appointment during their duties. HNOA is important coverage that helps minimize risk to your business.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation protection is a must in the often-demanding home care environment, and often coverage is required by law. This coverage protects your business and your employees if an employee is injured on the job by taking care of associated costs, including medical expenses and lost wages.

Since personal care assistants and home health aides face a higher risk of injury compared to other workers, it can be challenging for home care businesses to find quality coverage at an affordable price.

But at Lockton Home Care, the critical Workers’ Compensation coverage you need is included as an option in our Home Care Insurance package. Our Workers’ Compensation coverage protects your organization from lost wages and medical costs you may have to pay to an employee who was injured on the job. Our coverage ensures you and your caregivers are covered with high quality and affordable protection.

Theft Coverage

Theft coverage is an essential coverage for a home care business where employees are working closely with clients in their homes in the presence of cash, credit cards, jewelry, valuables and heirlooms. Accusations of employee theft by clients or their families are not uncommon and can negatively impact your business and your reputation.

Our Theft coverage helps protect your business from the risks of home care employee theft.

Protection covers the costs of allegations of burglary, robbery and other employee theft.

Sexual Misconduct Coverage

Sexual Misconduct coverage exists to protect your home care business from the risk of a sexual misconduct claim by a client or their family. This coverage is a must in an industry where home care workers often must assist clients with dressing, bathing and toileting. Without coverage, claims can cause both financial and reputational damage to your business.

Our Sexual Misconduct coverage helps protect your business from the risk of an employee being accused of sexual misconduct by a client or their family. Coverage defends your business against the costs associated with a claim.

Best-in-Class Service

As you grow your home care business, Lockton Home Care is here to ensure you have the insurance coverage you need. We offer secondary products you may need to protect your business, including Employment Practices Liability, Business Auto, Property Insurance and more.

If you have questions about your coverage options, we’re here to help. Contact us at (800) 723-9624 or