Prior to hiring a new employee, ensure the job description and job application are specific and reflect the actual position. This can help reduce confusion for applicants and ensure you get applicants with the right level of experience and education.

Job applications should include the following questions:

  • Full name
  • Addresses for past 10 years
  • Educational background
  • Detailed employment history
  • Reasons for leaving current or most recent role
  • Explanations for gaps in employment
  • Personal and professional references
  • Availability for work
  • Driving record

Also include the following statements:

  • EEO/ADA statement
  • Statement that applicant can perform essential job functions
  • Statement saying the submitted answers are correct and that any false information will lead to rejection

You should also ensure your applications never include questions designed to illicit information that can lead to allegations of discrimination, like asking for a birth date or photo.