Consider training your employees on the identification of bedbugs and measures to reduce contamination or cross-contamination.

Your local extension office can often provide a bedbug training program or direct you to a local pest management company or authority for training. These programs often include ways to identify evidence of bedbugs like stains and molted skin, where bedbugs can hide and how to inspect yourself for bed bugs.

If an employee knows a client’s home has a bedbug infestation, encourage them to follow these tips:

  • Document any pest infestation in the client’s care document and report findings to a supervisor.
  • Bring only essential supplies into the home.
  • Wear disposable overalls and shoe covers into the home. Discard them in a sealed container before entering your vehicle.
  • Do not sit or place any personal belongings on a bed or upholstered furniture.
  • Consider bringing your own metal chair.
  • Always carry a sealable container to place any contaminated personal items after the visit.

These tips will help improve the health and safety of your employees and their clients.