To a client, the home is a place of welcoming comfort and safety. But for home care employees, entering a client’s home will always entail some level of risk. From trip hazards to missing safety devices or employee inattention, there are many opportunities for a claim to arise.

To minimize the risk to employees and clients, it’s important for care workers to make sure a home is safe when first entering. Here’s a helpful home care home safety checklist of items your employees should always check to ensure a safe home environment.

Home Care Home Safety Checklist Summary

When assisting a client remember to check the following to ensure a safe environment.

Before entering, ask yourself…

  • Are you wearing shoes with good tread?
  • Do your clothes fit properly?
  • Are you comfortable lifting objects up to 25 pounds?
  • Is the home well fitted for the client?
  • Is the home in good condition?
    • Rooms are well lit with walkways clear of tripping or slipping hazards
    • Heavy objects are stored on lower shelves
    • Objects with sharp edges are padded
  • Does the bedroom allow for safe handling?
    • Assisted devices are freely available
    • Unused drawers and cabinets are closed
    • Carpets are in good condition
  • Is the bathroom properly fitted?
    • Non-skid mats or decals are in the shower to prevent slipping
    • Grab bars are properly located in the shower and near toilets
    • Contains clear area to perform daily tasks
  • Does the kitchen meet higher safety standards?
    • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are accessible
    • Stove/oven is turned off when not in use
  • Are you protecting their digital footprint?
    • Limit personal information shared online
    • Only bank and shop from trusted networks and devices
    • Log out of accounts and make sure passwords are protected
  • Are they being safely transported?
    • All distractions have been eliminated
    • Complete a vehicle inspection
      • Mirrors are in proper position
      • Steering, lights and signals are in proper order
    • Observe and respect all traffic laws to avoid accidents


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