Caring for elderly and home-bound individuals is gratifying and admirable work. Aside from providing companionship and everyday care, it’s a caregiver’s job to help ensure a safe living environment for each client. As comfortable as home is, there are potential hazards in the most common spaces of a home that can be especially unsafe for the elderly and disabled.

Lockton Health is committed to helping in-home care franchisees, and their caregivers, conduct business safely and efficiently. We’ve assembled a safety checklist for home care business owners and caregivers to identify areas and items in a client’s home that could potentially cause an accident or injury to the client or the caregiver.

This safety checklist for home care clients should be implemented at the onset of care for each client and reviewed with the client’s family at that time. It should then be reviewed every six months.

When completing the checklist, the expectation is that all check points on the list (if applicable) will be answered ‘yes.’ If items are answered ‘no’, or if there are concerns about any items in particular, the caregiver should discuss the issue with his or her supervisor or the franchise owner, as well as with the family of the client.

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