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The experience to understand the home care industry. The strength and knowledge to manage its risks. As society increasingly recognizes the benefits of supporting the elderly safely in familiar surroundings, the home care industry has responded by expanding its service offerings. Concurrently, a number of states are imposing more stringent regulations on the industry, including requiring home care providers to obtain licensure and professional liability insurance. These developments place a new emphasis on identifying and responding to the range of liability exposures. More than ever, home care providers require an insurer that understands their changing needs and has the expertise and resources to support their risk control and safety efforts.

CNA HealthPro is pleased to partner with Lockton Affinity in providing professional liability and ancillary insurance coverages to the home care industry. Together, we are developing resources to help home care providers manage risk, mitigate claims and reduce loss exposures, which ultimately should contribute to long-term premium stabilization. We are excited to present the first edition of Home Care Briefing™, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to assisting clients enhance safety and minimize risk.

Who We Are

CNA HealthPro is a trusted leader in the aging services insurance marketplace and a founding member of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). We are one of the top-five underwriters of healthcare insurance products and services in the nation, with more than 40 years of experience in this industry. We utilize our expertise in developing healthcare solutions and coverages to address the diverse and evolving risks associated with providing care and services to aging individuals who remain in their homes. We understand the industry, its exposures, and the effect of local claim and legal climates on overall liability.

General Liability vs. Professional Liability
General liability insurance is the first step in protecting against lawsuits alleging either bodily injury or property damage to third parties. General liability coverage provides protection against common business risks, such as slip and fall accidents on the premises. Typically, it may exclude claims arising from professional services, thereby leaving a gap in coverage and creating the possibility of significant financial loss.

Professional liability insurance is a specialty coverage that protects businesses and individuals against loss resulting from errors or omissions in the performance of professional services. As such, the policy will respond to allegations of negligence for covered claims arising from the rendering of home care services by your organization subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Professional liability insurance provides coverage for both damages and legal defense costs for covered claims.

Home service providers may wonder why they need professional liability insurance if they do not employ licensed professionals. The following example helps clarify this question:

One common duty of a personal caregiver is to assist clients with impaired mobility. Personal caregivers receive training in mobility assistance and have a duty to provide appropriate care and protect clients from harm. If a client falls and suffers an injury, the claim may not be covered by a general liability policy. However, professional liability insurance coverage would defend against such a claim, whether or not an actual error or omission has occurred.

Effective Claim, Legal and Risk Control Services

CNA HealthPro employs more than 100 claim professionals throughout the country, averaging over 22 years of industry experience, with backgrounds ranging from law to nursing to medicine. is team is dedicated to resolving even the most complex healthcare claims in a timely and fair manner. Clients appreciate our claim professionals’ understanding of their risk exposures and commitment to protecting their assets and reputation.

When necessary, our legal defense team brings together nationally known defense attorneys and expert witnesses to develop innovative claim management and legal strategies. is approach to claim administration translates into greater peace of mind in a risky world. CNA HealthPro Risk Control provides value-added services designed to help organizations proactively manage client exposures. Our nationwide staff of experienced risk control consultants—most of whom are professionally certified in healthcare risk management—understands the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, including the unique risks related to home care.

Risk Control Services Include:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Customized educational programs and materials
  • Specialty-specic seminars
  • CNA School of Risk Control Excellence (SORCE) educational programs
  • Special reports and claim studies
  • Telephone and e-mail support and consultation

CNA HealthPro Risk Control materials can be accessed online at <a title=”” href=”” target=”_blank”></a>. We welcome our home care partners. CNA HealthPro resources and expertise are at your service.
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