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Home Care Briefing® – 2018 Issue 3: Client Noncompliance


Home Care Briefing® – 2018 Issue 2: Home Healthcare Hazards


Home Care Briefing® – 2018 Issue 1: Client Selection


Home Care Briefing® – 2017 Issue 3: Staff Absenteeism


Home Care Briefing® – 2017 Issue 2: Violence Prevention


Home Care Briefing® – 2017 Issue 1: Fall Prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls remain a leading cause of bodily injury in older adults.


Home Care Briefing® – 2016 Issue 4: Communication in Home Care

Personal care aides and home care provides work on the front lines of service and are entrusted to deliver safe, high quality client care. The […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 25: Ethical Marketing

Minimizing the Risks of False Advertising
Many websites, advertisements and brochures used by home care providers contain superlative phrases such as “highest quality,” “complete satisfaction” and […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 24: Caregivers Play a Key Role in Combating Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a serious, ongoing problem. According to the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging, every year as many as five million older […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 23: Flu Vaccination

Benefits of flu vaccinations for home care providers
Influenza (flu) can pose a serious health risk to older adults and those living with chronic medical conditions […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 22: A Q&A on Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial insurance coverage for home care businesses
This issue of Home Care Briefing provides answers to common questions asked by home care providers about commercial insurance […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 21: Claim Reporting

Timely reporting of potential claims protects you and your business
Home healthcare providers have a duty to promptly and accurately report adverse events. Failure to do […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 20: Cyber Security

The home healthcare environment is highly dependent on various forms of information technology (IT), ranging from computerized record-keeping and billing systems to alarm and telemonitoring […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 19: Medication Administration

To Crush or Not To Crush Pills
Consider the following two scenarios:

Case 1: A 65-year-old woman was released from the hospital following a stroke. Diagnosed with […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 18: Elder Neglect

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Protecting Clients, Reducing Exposure
Elder abuse consists of intentional or unintentional actions by a caregiver or other individual who occupies a trust […]


Safety Checklist for Home Care Professionals

Caring for elderly and home-bound individuals is gratifying and admirable work. Aside from providing companionship and everyday care, it’s a caregiver’s job to help ensure […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 17: Non-owned Vehicle Exposure

A Self-assessment Checklist
Home healthcare providers must be aware of the risks that can arise whenever an employee uses a personal vehicle on behalf of the […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 16: Patient Transfers

Safe Lifting Techniques Reduce Liability
Home care clients are becoming both sicker and heavier. According to a National Center for Health Statistics report, the average hospital […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 15: Employee Theft Prevention

A Self-assessment Checklist
An effective theft prevention program requires sound hiring and employment policies, as well as security awareness on the part of clients. A “no” […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 14: Sound Hiring Practices

Key to Quality Care
A systematic hiring process is essential to recruiting and retaining a qualified, committed workforce. By implementing the following strategies, home care providers […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 13: Industry Trends

Home Care Industry Trends from an Underwriting Perspective
by Roberta Edelman, AVP Underwriting, Healthcare Segment, Aging Services, CNA Healthcare

According to the Census Bureau, more than 40 […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 12: Elder Financial Abuse

Strategies for Preventing Theft and Minimizing Risk
According to the 2011 MetLife Study of Elder Financial Abuse, older Americans are defrauded of an estimated $2.9 billion […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 11: Winter Hazard Prevention

With temperatures falling, now is the time to ensure that sound winter safety procedures are in place. Cold-weather workplace hazards include vehicular accidents, slips and […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 10: Scope of Services

Matching Capabilities with Client Needs and Expectations
Every home care provider needs a written plan that specifies the organization’s scope of services and defines the population […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 9: Vehicle Safety Program

Non-owned Vehicle Exposure: Every Provider Needs a Vehicle Safety Program
Every time a caregiver uses a personal vehicle on behalf of a home care provider, the […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 8: Preventing Falls

Four Initiatives to Help Keep Clients Safe
Falls involving the elderly—most of which occur at home—are a major cause not only of pain and suffering, but […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 7: Client Screening and Selection

Key to Managing Risk
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Americans over 65 years old is expected to double between […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 6: Promoting a Culture of Safety

Fostering a proactive culture of safety within a home care organization involves shifting the emphasis away from blaming individuals for errors and toward identifying, analyzing […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 5: Hiring Practices

Enhancing Employee Selection and Orientation
One of the major managerial challenges of the home healthcare field is selecting and retaining qualified, competent and trustworthy employees. An […]


Home Care Briefing® – Issue 4: Employee Theft

Reducing the Risk of Employee Theft
According to a 2009 report released by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, up to one million older Americans each year […]