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In-home care professionals are faced with diverse and interesting challenges each day.

Your employees work in people’s homes—preparing meals, monitoring medications, providing personal care—even driving clients to appointments. While these daily interactions are an essential part of any in-home care business, they can leave you and your employees really vulnerable to substantial liability claims if there’s an accident, a mishap or alleged misconduct.

That’s where Lockton Home Care can help.

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Care for the caregiver

Our approach—from how we write our policies to our customer service—is based on providing you exceptional, personal service, partnership and free resources to keep your staff, your clients and your business safe.
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Home Care Liability Coverage

One application gets you the exact type of coverage your business needs.
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General Liability + Professional Liability

Having this vital combination of liability coverage will give you confidence running
 your business. General Liability covers allegations of bodily and physical injury or
property damage while Professional Liability protects you from claims of negligence
or failure to perform professional duties.

Hired & Non-owned Auto

This covers bodily injury and property damages that might happen when a member
of your staff drives a company owned-vehicle  or is transporting  a client to an
appointment during the course of their duties.

Smart Business Coverage

Theft Coverage—Covers burglary, robbery and other employee theft

Sexual Misconduct—Defends your business when a claim is made against one of  your caregivers

Additional Protection

Worker’s Compensation—Pays medical bills and lost wages directly to your staff due to work-related injuries

Employment Practice Liability—Covers wrongful termination as well as wage and hour claims

Business Auto—Insures your owned or leased company vehicles

Property—Protects your building and contents against fire, flood or catastrophes

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To help you manage your in-home care business more effectively, we offer free resources at your fingertips, including new programs, safety training courses and other useful information.
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